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Tecoma Stans / Yellow Bells

Tecoma Stans / Yellow Bells

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Welcome to the enchanting world of Tecoma Stans, a vibrant and versatile plant that adds a touch of elegance to any garden or landscape. At Sunrise Garden Center, we take pride in offering these stunning plants for sale online, providing you with the opportunity to enhance your outdoor space effortlessly.

Also known as Yellow Bells, Esperanza, or Yellow Elder, Tecoma Stans is a perennial shrub native to the southwestern United States and parts of Mexico. Renowned for its radiant yellow trumpet-shaped flowers, this plant brings warmth and vibrancy to gardens, attracting butterflies and hummingbirds with its nectar-rich blooms. With its lush green foliage and upright growth habit, Tecoma Stans stands out as a remarkable addition to any landscape.

Tecoma Stans has a storied history, with its roots deeply embedded in the cultural and natural landscapes of its native regions. Traditionally used in herbal medicine, this plant has been cherished for its healing properties by indigenous communities. Its adaptability and resilience have made it a symbol of strength and endurance.

Sunrise Garden Center is delighted to offer Tecoma Stans plants for sale online, providing gardening enthusiasts with easy access to this captivating species. Our plants are carefully nurtured to ensure optimal health and vitality upon arrival at your doorstep. By choosing Tecoma Stans from Sunrise Garden Center, you're investing in quality and beauty that lasts.

Plant Care Tips:

To help your Tecoma Stans thrive and flourish, here are some essential care tips:


Plant in a location that receives full sunlight for at least six hours a day.


Well-draining soil is crucial for Tecoma Stans. Amend the soil with organic matter for best results.


Allow the soil to dry between waterings. Tecoma Stans is drought-tolerant once established.


Trim back leggy growth in late winter or early spring to encourage bushier growth and more prolific flowering.


Transform your garden into a haven of beauty with Tecoma Stans plants from Sunrise Garden Center. Embrace the rich history, vibrant blooms, and easy care of this remarkable species. Purchase your Tecoma Stans online today and embark on a journey of natural elegance and timeless beauty!

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