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Thevetia Peruviana / Cascabela Thevetia

Thevetia Peruviana / Cascabela Thevetia

Pot Type: Plastic Pot

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Step into a world of natural beauty with our collection, and discover the allure of Thevetia Peruviana, a captivating plant that adds elegance and charm to any garden or living space. Native to Central and South America, Thevetia Peruviana, also known as Cascabela Thevetia or Lucky Nut, boasts a rich history dating back to ancient civilizations. Revered for its vibrant yellow flowers and evergreen foliage, this plant has been cherished for centuries for its ornamental and medicinal qualities.

Plant Care Tips for Thevetia Peruviana:


Thriving in full sunlight, Thevetia Peruviana prefers at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily. Ensure your plant receives ample light for optimal growth and prolific flowering.

Well-Draining Soil:

Plant in well-draining soil to prevent waterlogging, allowing the roots to breathe. A mix of loam and sand is ideal for promoting healthy growth.


While Thevetia Peruviana is drought-tolerant, consistent watering is essential, especially during dry periods. Water the plant when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch.


Shape and maintain your Yellow Oleander by pruning in late winter or early spring. This not only enhances its appearance but also encourages new growth and blooming.

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