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Tecomaria Capensis Orange

Tecomaria Capensis Orange

Pot Type: Plastic Pot

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Cape honeysuckle is a fast growing, scrambling, multi-stemmed shrub which may grow up to 2-3 m high and spread more than 2.5 m. It is an evergreen plant in warm regions but loses its leaves in colder ones.

Plant Care Tips for Tecomaria:


The Cape Honeysuckle blooms in full sun to partial shade. 


Water up to one inch of the soil if the plant is kept in full sunlight. Watering is required only once or twice in a month if grown in shade.


Pruning your cape honeysuckle depends on the growth habit you want to maintain. If you're growing it as a hedge, trimming might be required on a regular basis because the plant grows quickly.


A balanced liquid fertilizer, diluted to half its recommended strength can be used on potted cape honeysuckle.

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