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Psidium Guajava / Guava Tree

Psidium Guajava / Guava Tree

Pot Type: Plastic Pot

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Guava is a tree that grows in Central and South America. The fruit is commonly eaten fresh or made into beverages, jams, and other foods. Various parts of the plant, including the leaf and the fruit, are used as medicine. People use guava leaf for stomach and intestinal conditions, pain, diabetes, and wound healing.

Plant Care Tips:


Plant guava trees in full sun to ensure they produce an abundance of flowers that will become fruit. These trees need a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight a day.


Water newly planted trees every other day for about a week and once or twice per week during the growing season.


Guavas should be pruned annually around early to mid-April, once fruiting has finished. Pruning ensures the shrub does not grow into a large tree which makes it difficult to collect the fruit.


The Guava tree is heavy food, so it should be fertilized every 1-2 months when it is young. Then apply 3-4 times a year. Guava trees require nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, and some magnesium to produce maximum fruit.

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