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Millingtonia hortensis “Tree jasmine

Millingtonia hortensis “Tree jasmine

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This evergreen tree have long leaves with two or three widely spaced pinnae, each with five or seven smooth leaflets. Silvery-white, delightfully fragrant flowers crown the foliage. Grows well during the summer.

Plant Care Tips:


Millingtonia Hortensis plants like bright sunlight make sure that it gets sunlight for up to four hours a day. Maintain moderate humidity around the plant. 


Water them moderately, that means abundantly throughout summer, but gradually decrease in the rainy or winter season. The soil on which these plants are supposed to be grown must be well-drained and fertile too.


You can supplement the growth of the plant by applying cow dung manure or organic fertilizer once every 4-5 months, especially during its growing period.



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