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Cestrum Nocturnum “Night Queen / Night-Blooming Jasmine”

Cestrum Nocturnum “Night Queen / Night-Blooming Jasmine”

Pot Type: Plastic Pot

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Fast-growing, long-lived, and sweetly-scented, Epiphyllum oxypetalum (Queen of the Night) is an erect, then sprawling, epiphytic, or lithophytic, spineless cactus. Freely branching, it produces long, flattened green stems that can reach up to 20 ft. long (6 m).

Plant Care Tips for Night Queen:


The queen of the night cactus needs light to grow. Direct sunlight in the morning is essential for it to bloom, though it should be kept indirect light afterward.


Water once or twice during the growing season in spring and summer. And water less during fall and winter -keep the soil from drying out.


The new branches will bloom fast. Cut the dead branches and flowers regularly.


Queen of the night only needs a light dose of fertilizer during the growing season. The frequency of fertilization should be 1-2 times a year.


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