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Aglaonema 'White Joy'

Aglaonema 'White Joy'

Pot Type: Plastic Pot

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What sets the Aglaonema White Joy apart is not just its visual appeal but also its air-purifying properties.Don't miss out on the chance to own the stunning Dracaena Compacta. Buy now and let the beauty of nature transform your living or working space!

Care Tips for Aglaonema White Joy:


Dracaena Compacta prefers bright, indirect light. While it can tolerate lower light conditions, providing it with moderate to bright, filtered light encourages.


Allow the top inch of the soil to dry out between watering. Water moderately, ensuring that the soil is consistently moist but not waterlogged.


Feed your Aglaonema White Joy with a balanced liquid fertilizer every 4-6 weeks during the growing season.

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